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ex machina, zero theorem, mirrormask, eyes wide shut, inland empire, the fountain, waking life, a scanner darkly, the dictator, her, interstellar, the prestige, mulholland drive, adaptation, down by law, brazil, blade runner, go, idiocracy, zoolander, human nature, coffee & cigarettes, tideland, swingers, howl, alice in wonderland, eXistenZ, the matrix, apocalypto, kick-ass, mars attacks, johnny mnemonic, forbidden planet, stop making sense, muscle shoals, beetlejuice, the erotica of tinto brass, anything by w.c. fields.

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the prodigy, atoms for peace, st. vincent, bjork, beck, bat for lashes, gorillaz, massive attack, radiohead, fever ray, the hives, gnarls barkley, meat beat manifesto, lamb, the roots, kool keith, a tribe called quest, talking heads, prince, laurie anderson, todd rundgren, steely dan, james brown, the doors, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, mothers of invention. composers: bach, mozart, mahler, debussy, stravinsky, messiaen, rautavaara, reich, zappa.

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anything by philip k dick, william gibson, neal stephenson, haruki murakami, jonathan carroll, steve erickson, neil gaiman, jeff noon, umberto eco, thomas pynchon, charles simic, james tate, bill knott, russell edson, c.s lewis, lewis carroll. "gun with occasional music" by jonathan lethem, "vacuum flowers" by michael swanwick, "how music works" by david byrne, "this is your brain on music" by daniel leviton, the "griffin & sabine" series by nick bantock, "the botany of desire" by michael pollan, "my secret garden" by nancy friday, "the science of orgasm" by barry r. komisaruk, "the wild parrots of telegraph hill" by mark bittner, "why birds sing" by david rothenberg, "the singing life of birds" by donald kroodsma, "the songs of insects" by elliott & hershberger, "the artful universe expanded" by john d. barrow, "warped passages" by lisa randall, "the metaphysics of virtual reality" by michael heim, "motivation and personality" by abraham maslow, "synchronicity" & many others by c.g. jung & his school, "the murder of christ" by wilhelm reich, grimm's fairy tales, psalms, isaiah, gospel of john, tao te ching.

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i do a lot of gardening with my friend anita. currently we are growing bosque blue & green zebra tomatoes; melrose italian sweet peppers (an heirloom); a large variety of chile peppers including heirloom fish peppers, thai birds-eye, purple jalapenos, golden cayenne & lila lucy; borlotti beans; wild yellow strawberries; onions; garlic; & houseplants like passionflowers & many varieties of colorful coleus. i like to cook & make my own vegetarian chili with stuff from my own garden. i like to go out to clubs & concerts a lot to enjoy live music, we usually go to hamburg but sometimes go to berlin.

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this is where you can see the psychedelic sci-fi video to my song "venusian girl":


live fotos by christoffer.greiss.eu

planning on seeing more of the civilized world before departing from it, especially europe, which i love since moving here. i want to meet another good person or two this life, such people are extremely rare.

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born in california, lived in los angeles most of my life, moved to germany in 2012. music artist with three solo albums, the latest of which is "lunar tunage". all are available on bandcamp. i do the satirical psychedelic sci-fi "beyond the warp podcast"--writing the script, composing the 30 minute soundtrack & performing it with anita ace. i also appear on "anita ace in space altronica radio". below is my official website, check it for my music, writing & graphix design. go directly there to read the latest news & hear the latest music, they no longer update previews for these flash sites.

zed mizar - cyberwack ultrafunk from hyperspace

i like to play music.
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well, this mediocrity clampdown imposed by the pseudo-humanoids is really cramping my style. thanks a lot to you bleepnids in the bozo roach patrol for selling us out to these reptilians.

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Disappearing Music On Night Shift


worked as a CNA at an assisted living facility with a memory care unit.
The facility was only a couple of years old when I started, but many
co-workers claimed that it was haunted. I've seen black shadows, the
elevator came down in the middle of the night with no one there, the
door alarms would sometimes go off on doors that we never used, but my
strangest personal experience was the time that I heard music that
disappeared when I left a certain location.

I was working the night shift. There are only 3 people on duty during
night shift; a CNA on the assisted living side (me), a CNA in the memory
care unit, and a nurse. The CNA that is assigned to the memory care
unit isn't allowed to leave the unit unattended.

The nurse and I were sitting in a tv area on the assisted living side.
All of a sudden I heard loud old fashioned music in the distance. I
asked the nurse if he heard it too, and he had this weird look on his
face but he nodded his head yes. I thought that either he thought I was
crazy and didn't hear the music or he was playing a prank on me.

I thought that a resident had their tv on too loud, so I went into the
direction of where I thought the music was coming from, but the closer I
got, the more it faded until I couldn't hear it anymore. I went in
every possible direction looking for the cause of this music, and
everywhere I went, it disappeared. After I realized that I would never
find out where it was coming from, I had to sit in the sitting area
(where it was loudest) and ignore it until it stopped. It lasted a few

I could tell that the nurse I was with couldn't hear the music because
he kept asking if it was coming from here or there, he didn't seem
interested in the situation but tried to help me find the cause and he
was acting weird. After a while it was apparent that he wasn't playing a
joke on me because he was with me the whole time. There's no way he
could have made the music disappear like that. Besides, I'm sure he
would have told me by now if he had something to do with it, isn't that
part of the fun of pranking someone?




stoppin' by to say hello friend & have a great Friday out there on
your end!


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Much Love.. Synphasic!!

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